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John Hinchcliffe 1949-2010


John Hinchcliffe loved the precise application of print. He was a great observer - in his own words he liked to focus on the 'particularity of things, everything from tin roofs to road signs' - observations he transformed into bold linocuts, which capture seasons, places and history.

Notably in 2006, Hinchcliffe was selected, along with other very well established British illustrators and artists such as Peter Blake, Anthony Gormley, Lucinda Rogers and David Nash, to produce original lino cuts for the book 'England in Particular' - A celebration of the commonplace, the local, the vernacular and the distinctive' for the arts and environmental charity, Common Ground. John's love of the rural environment, the power of the land and the sea, is always at the forefront of his work, whether in representational or abstract forms.

Below is a collection of Hinchcliffe's prints entitled 'Months of the Year'. These lithographs, a print run produced after Hinchcliffe's death in 2010 are now available in very limited numbers to buy below. Each print is printed on Somerset Velvet paper and embossed with a John Hinchcliffe authenticity stamp.

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